Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mobile Suit Gundam would easily kill Iron Man with one beam rifle shot.

said nothing about Japans entertainment industry . i know nothing of that due to the fact (and here is the real key point) i live in America and i dont need to worry about Japans entertainment industry. In America. Gundam is not that popular unless its in the Manga circles. it is not main stream. its not on TV its not in Movies. there are no songs tittled Gundam. and how am i immature for liking Iron Man over Mobile Suit. Manga tends to not do so well in America becasue Americans tend to like fast pased action cartoons. and Iron Man has been delivering that sense the 60's same with Spider-Man and Superman and all the other American Heros. Or America likes something light hearted and funny I.E. Simpsons Family Guy Futurama. Gundam is slow and pretty far out there. yeah there is fighting. but it is always littered with half an hour of random banter and trash talk. much like DBZ.

so why dose Japans Movie Industry not make a cool Gundam movie to prove me wrong.

ill tell you

America's number 1 export to the world is POP Culture. and America spends more on watching movies then any other country in the world. so why would "Japan's Hollywood" spend the necessary $200 million+ to pull off a Movie if they know that there biggest market wont spend the cash to watch it.

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